Sell Quickly. Check out exactly. Report Instantly

Consult sale and check inventory right on the phone.
Check out in seconds with bar codes, automatically apply the promotion programs, support payment by cash, card and e-wallet,etc.
Report instantly right on the phone, which keeps the owner updated with the shop business every time, every where.

Centralized management

Order Management

Manage all shipping orders in one centrel place and automatically update shipping status from the shipper.

inventory management

Update all changes on products and inventory which will be then synchronized to all sale channels

Real-time Report

Automatically summarize business analysis and report by each channel and the whole chain

Professional Solution for
Sale and Shop Management

  • Operate and Manage
  • Easily control Inventory
  • Manage Shop Chain
  • Check out with QR Codes
  • Flexible Payment Modes
  • Increase sales with SMS Marketing
  • Connect with the automated e-invoice
More than 40 reports on sales, costs, profit/loss, inventory, etc

Instantly check inventory by color, size for the whole chain right on the phone

Easily coordinate the sale of the whole chain right on the phone
Automatically apply promotion and calculate total payment right after scanning the bar code

Integrate with e-payment method like MOMO, Viettel Pay

Quickly send notification on promotion, birthday wish to the customer

Easily exchange data with the accounting software and issue e-invoice right on MShopKeeper

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